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Pockero is a Blockchain based decentralized peer to peer marketplace for everyday services.

Our goal is to help you find whatever you need, be it a service or an object, whenever you need it, right in your community. At Pockero we value the human aspects of life, which is why we want to bring people closer, have them share a drink or a meal after a service was finished. Furthermore we help you reconnect with your neighbors, because nobody knows them anymore, let alone what competencies or unused objects they have. Plus in a connected world like ours, spending a bit less time in front of a screen means human contact which all in all means more happiness.

Pockero Platform

Enabler Solution for Blockchain Decentralized Apps (DAPP)

The Pockero Network will ultimately be comprised of global marketplaces and hyperlocal communities alike. The Dapp creation platform will provide users with an easy to use interface to design and deploy their own Dapp to the Pockero Network. The dapp creation platform will provide a way to customize the parameters of the smart contracts powering a district and will offer numerous UI options to support a wide variety of markets and communities. The Dapps creation interface will feature an auxiliary module directory, similar to the Apple App Store , to allow for the easy discovery of plugins that extend the functionality and utility of Dapp.

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How it works

Check out what you can do with this groundbreaking blockchain technology!

1. Express your needs to find a hero

Whether you need help setting up furniture, a nanny for the day, or a hand repainting the walls… a hero is always here to help.

2. A hero comes to your rescue

A hero will answer within minutes, now you’re now in contact, arrange a meetup and the job can happen right as planned.

3. Choose how to reward your hero

Every service deserves a reward, you choose the prize. A hero receive tokens after the service is over and the helpee gets rewarded too.

Limitless Features, Unlimited Fun

Check out what you can do with this groundbreaking blocklchain technology!

Super easy to use

At Pockero, we are fans of symplicity! Requesting a service is as simple as a tap on your phone, a chat with our bot or a request to your mobile phone's assistant. You're always minutes away from finding a super hero ready to help you!

Unforgetable Memories

Technology has envolved to a point where we all spend hours behind screens but not enough with our friends and families. Pockero ensures that you reconnect with the people arround you and spend more time exchanging human value than screen time!

Rewarding good citizens

Pockero Token was created in order to reward all the Pocket Heros in your community and beyond! We think human value (this intangible thing we feel when sharing experiences with others) has much higher value than anything else. That's why we reward it!

Ultra Secure

Blockchain ensures your data is ultra-secure which is very important to us! Our hybrid solution also ensures you are able to use our app this year whilst safeguarding all your data and record of services and transactions in the best possible way.

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